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Reliable sealing must occur far beyond refitting schedules in the shipping and marine industry. Sealing problems while afloat or pumping bilge water overboard are time-consuming and are a dangerous safety concern.

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Ships & Shipping/Marine APPLICATIONS

Case StudY

Drastically Increase MTBF

APPLICATION: 4 Tank Agitators

MTBF Before: 12 months

MTBF AFTER: 24 months+


SAVINGS: Estimated $80,000

  Replacement cost/year

A PackRyt® System, one of SealRyt’s patented bearing sealing methods, was installed on 4 hard coated shaft tank agitator units and they have been running trouble free for 2 years.

Previously these units had shaft change outs every year at a very high cost of parts, labor and down-time.

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