PATENTED Shaft Stabilization

PACKRYT® LineShaft Bearings

Any shaft utilizing a steady bushing for support, whether vertical or horizontal, is a candidate for a SealRyt®  Lineshaft bearing. These locations can be found inside tanks on agitator shafts, vertical pump columns, auger screw supports, powder blade mixers, marine drive shafts and so on.

OEM bushings are supplied of many materials with normal clearances of .015” to .020”. These materials tend to wear rapidly, the clearances open, and the shaft is no longer steadied.

The SealRyt® Corporation manufactures bearings to replace these OEM bushings with much closer clearances, each one built to specific customer-supplied dimensions and each designed to greatly extend service life and optimize the application. Depending on the  holding mechanism, the SealRyt® Lineshaft Bearings can be held in place with anti-rotation pins, shrunk or press fit, or end caps. All these methods are designed into our bearings reflective of holder requirements.

The use of SealRyt® Lineshaft Bearings , by centering the shaft and keeping it there,  optimizes  the delivery end of the equipment, whether props, impellers, blades or flights. Further, this long-term stabilization minimizes wear and tear on the outside roller bearing support systems.


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The root cause of most

rotating equipment failure

is shaft movement.

SealRyt’s patented technology has proven its ability to seal, support shafts, and increase reliability.

BEFORE: Shaft movement in the stuffing box is unrestrained and is the root cause of equipment and sealing failures.

AFTER: The PackRyt Bearing System virtually eliminates shaft movement which increases both equipment and sealing reliability.

Case StudIES

Dissolving Tank Agitators

A PackRyt® Sealing System was installed on 4 hard coated shaft tank agitator units and they have been running trouble free for over 2 years.

Previously these units had shaft change outs every year at a cost of approximately $80,000.00.

Stock Pumps

A PackRyt® Sealing System was installed on a 3175 stock pump having extreme leakage and maintenance issues. The PackRyt® eliminated the problems. All pumps and agitators on the paper machine and the pulp dryer are now being considered for change out.

Fiber Line Equipment

A chip chute pump was being re-packed every 2 months and now with the PackRyt® Sealing System installed it has one annual packing change. The bearing has had a life span of over 5 years.


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