PATENTED Shaft Stabilization


Bearing with Integrated Lantern Ring

The PackRyt® Sealing System is a unique stuffing box sealing arrangement that incorporates a bearing and flush channel system together. This replaces outdated packing/lantern ring/packing configurations. Our system brings shafts into concentricity and keeps them there, significantly increasing sealing reliability.


Don't be fooled by copy-cats with inferior designs and materials.


BEFORE: Shaft movement in the stuffing box is unrestrained and is the root cause of equipment and sealing failures.

AFTER: The PackRyt Bearing System virtually eliminates shaft movement which increases both equipment and sealing reliability.

Case StudIES

Dissolving Tank Agitators

A PackRyt® Sealing System was installed on 4 hard coated shaft tank agitator units and they have been running trouble free for over 2 years.

Previously these units had shaft change outs every year at a cost of approximately $80,000.00.

Stock Pumps

A PackRyt® Sealing System was installed on a 3175 stock pump having extreme leakage and maintenance issues. The PackRyt® eliminated the problems. All pumps and agitators on the paper machine and the pulp dryer are now being considered for change out.

Fiber Line Equipment

A chip chute pump was being re-packed every 2 months and now with the PackRyt® Sealing System installed it has one annual packing change. The bearing has had a life span of over 5 years.

We have compiled a list of life span results from different equipment the PackRyt BLR has been installed.



Water is plentiful outside the plant, quietly expensive inside. Whether the issue is the treatment of wastewater, evaporating water from the process, or water getting into bearings, the use of water must be sharply curtailed to reduce operating costs.

Use of the PackRyt® sealing system guarantees a substantial reduction of flush water used. Due to very close clearances between bearing and sleeve, water entry to the process is severely throttled. This throttling is inherent and automatic. Unlike conventional sealing bushings, PackRyt®’s do not require flow meters to reduce flow.

Below are typical maximum flow rates experienced on example pumps @ 15 psi differential, little or no leakage to atmosphere, without flow meter adjustment.

Goulds 3196MT- 0.147 gpm

Goulds 3175S – 0.837 gpm

Ahlstrom 2LRS15/20 – 1.074 gpm

Goulds 3175L – 1.252 gpm


Actual field tests routinely show that, after an approximate 10-30 minute break in period, the PackRyt® system draws the same or less amps than a single mechanical seal on the same or identical pump.

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  • Machined to close-clearance, the bearing stabilizes the shaft and prevents movement
  • Cavitation caused deflection is minimized
  • Results in minimal friction to sleeve/shaft
  • Minimal clearance sharply throttles solids, which allows the low-flush to keep them out of the shaft area
  • Flush use reduction averages over 65%
  • Flush flow remains constant
  • Automatically positions flush channel correctly, lantern ring cannot move past flush inlet
  • Little, or in some cases, no leakage from gland follower to atmosphere
  • Eliminates need to constantly adjust packing
  • As few as two rings of packing required
  • High performance, ultra pure heat conductive sealing rings can virtually eliminate sleeve/shaft wear

High-performance thermoplastic bearing block

  • Tremendous compressive strength
  • Impervious to most chemicals.
  • Virtually no dimensional growth up to 260ºC
  • Split, pinned, drilled and tapped for easy installation and removal.
  • Available as split bearing without lantern ring groove (Product Name: BRG).

The root cause of most

rotating equipment failure

is shaft movement.

SealRyt’s patented technology has proven its ability to seal, support shafts, and increase reliability.


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